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Get started with SIGEB

A scouting tool that providing video and data in real time.

  • Make video cuts while the match is playing
  • Everywhere access
  • Check if your sets are performing well
  • Less effort, more results

Our Best Features

SIGEB is the ultimate tool for sports analysis

Real time data

We provide a custom scouting with your play tactics in real-time.

Real time video

Also, you can watch any play anywhere in real-time vídeo.

Use the technology

We use the latest technologies to show your own data and vídeo in multiple ways.

Save your time

SIGEB works in real time, so your own data and video will be concontinuously updated. Post-game is over! .

Internal communication

Players also can access sigeb anywhere to watch their own video and data.

Throw trash your pencil

Now, the coach team will work so fast and so efficient. no more loss time in the aircraft thanks our scouting app

Our Product Screenshots

Here is a small sample of our software.